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Posted: Posted March 21st, 2017
Edited March 21st, 2017 by Q

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a triumphant achievement in world design and free-form, physics-based gameplay. In a radical departure from Nintendo's tightly scripted roots, this sandbox world simply sets up the rules, and confidently lets creative players bend those rules to their own will.

Combining that complete player freedom with Nintendo's legendary level of polish, attention to detail, and plenty of "I can't believe they thought of that" magic moments result in a game unlike anything else we've ever played.

Below are 100 mind-blowing "tiny things" that make this vision of Hyrule such a compelling, amazing world to lose ourselves in. We didn't find all these neat details ourselves. Thanks to the communities at GameFAQS, Reddit, Kotaku, and NeoGAF for uncovering many of these.

1) If you throw a rusty weapon at some Octoroks, they will suck it up and spit back out a cleaned, new weapon.

2) You can survive in cold environments without elixirs or warm clothes just by equipping a Fire Rod or a torch.

3) The temperature in the desert is lower in the shade than it is in the sun.

4) Killing animals in very hot or very cold climates will give you meat that’s already cooked or chilled instead of raw meat.

5) If you use boulders, Cryonis, or other tricks to lift or dislodge an old rusted guardian you’ll find more ancient materials underneath it.

6) If you befriend dogs at stables they’ll sometimes lead you to buried treasure chests.

7) If you feed your horse an Endura Carrot it will have more dash charges when you mount it.

8) You can ride a bear. And a moose. And a deer. And…

9) You can (very briefly) mount and ride a Lynel. They don’t like it very much.

10) You can ride an enemy’s skeletal undead horse.

11) If you try to take said horse to a stable to board it, the employees will freak out and not allow you to.

12) Link has a custom flexing idle animation if he doesn’t have a shirt equipped.

13) If you throw a boomerang at a Lizafos, their weapon of choice, they’ll just catch it and use it against you.

14) If you drop raw meat on the ground on Death Mountain, it’ll instantly turn into steak.

15) You can break the ice blocks bosses thrown at you with Cryonis — no need to spend all your arrows.

16) If you disarm a tough enemy and drop a leaf or other weak weapon in front of them, they’ll pick it up and use it.

17) If you shoot a Hinox’s single eye two times he’ll start shielding it with his hand, making the fight more challenging.

18) If you crawl onto a sleeping Hinox’s hand he’ll eventually lift you onto his belly to scratch himself. Then if you’re careful you can loot their necklace without fighting them.

19) You can burn off a Hinox’s leg armor to do more damage to it with your weapons.

20) Bokoblins and other monsters can be distracted by apples or other food you drop and will rush over to eat it.

21) A certain rare NPC sells monster masks that you can equip to infiltrate enemy camps without aggroing them. It is unsettling.

22) Shooting a metal box in an enemy camp with an electric arrow creates a huge damaging electric field.

23) You can drop and detonate bombs while parasailing over enemy camps.

24) Bomb arrows don’t work in the rain — they just fizzle out.

25) You can farm bomb arrows this way. Find a camp where the sentries wield bomb arrows, and go there in the rain. You can pick up all their unexploded shots.

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26) On the other hand, bomb arrows taken out in extremely hot environments will instantly detonate.

27) If you cut down a tree with a flameblade it makes a campfire instead of a stack of wood.

28) Cooking during a blood moon creates “critical success” super-strong foods.

29) Looking for a shrine? Look up — shrines usually have a group of birds circling above them.

30) The “Game Over” text can be icy, electrified, or have other special effects based off how you died.

31) If you roll a small snowball down a hill it’ll pick up more and more snow, turning into a giant snowball.

32) Birds can be startled into flying into thorns or other dangers, killing them.

33) Posters in stables and villages give you recipes for special custom foods to cook.

34) There’s custom dialogue for almost everything. Characters sometimes react differently to specific outfits (or if Link is wearing nothing, sometimes to quite incredible effect in the case of Impa’s granddaughter), as well as dialogue for different times of day. Characters also remember if you’ve met before, or if you initiate dialogue with them over and over.

35) Many merchants have custom dialogue of you talk to them while standing on their table. Purah’s is particularly cute.

36) Most characters also have custom dialogue based on the weather, especially rain.

37) Characters also break from their normal routines during the rain, and will stop working or playing outside to take shelter.

38) Traveling merchants sell better stuff on rainy days.

39) If rain is making it impossible for you to climb, drop some wood and use flint or a fire weapon to start a your own campfire. You can sit at it to skip time, same as the campfires in town.

40) You can shoot an electric arrow into a body of water to kill all the fish swimming in the area. They’ll float to the surface.

41) You can one-shot the annoying fire and ice Wizzrobes by hitting them with their elemental weakness.

42) If a shrine has a treasure chest icon next to it in the map, you found all that shrine’s hidden treasure. If there’s no icon, you missed a treasure inside. Time to revisit them!

43) If you run out of stamina and you’re about to fall to your death, you can fast-travel to safety from a mid-air fall. You can fast-travel anywhere at any time.

44) The Rito Village music theme can change and evolve based on what side quests you’ve completed and which musicians are back in town.

45) You can also “fish” with bombs, or by lifting a fish out of water with Cryonis.

46) Steam rises off of equipped fire weapons when it’s raining.

47) You can’t force your horse to swim into the water, but if a horse does end up in water, it can swim back out by itself and onto dry land.

48) Cutting tall grass will spawn and reveal insects, lizards, and even fairies you can capture.

49) You can use Stasis on pressure plates to keep them stuck down for a while, letting you skip puzzles or solve them in unconventional ways.

50) You can use Stasis on most enemies and surprise them by disappearing from their field of view (or attacking them).

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Q

51) Plain Chu jellies can be turned into red or white jellies by dropping them in snow or fire or attacking with an elemental weapon. If you display a lot of ingenuity you can electrify plain jelly, too.

52) If you hold a cucco and trick an enemy into whacking it a few times, the other cuccos will go crazy and attack them for you.

53) The Hylian runes visible in shrines and in various Sheikah Slate menus can actually be translated into English, and contain hidden messages and clues.

54) Koroks react with special dialogue and sound if you “accidentally” drop a rock on their head.

55) Characters exclaim and react in various ways when you pull out a weapon when they don’t expect it.

56) Your unsupervised horse will steal apples from offerings, making it harder to complete a Korok challenge.

57) A Hinox will pick up trees around them to attack you with — you can cut them down while they sleep to put a stop to it.

58) Fire Keese set the grass on fire when they fly low.

59) You can use Stasis on an object and then stand on the object to be catapulted through the air, resulting in all kinds of puzzle skips and sequence breaks.

60) You can set grass on fire with fire arrows while flying to create an updraft and ascend further.

61) Fire an ice arrow at an enemy on Death Mountain and it will evaporate.

62) Drop a bomb in the back of a mine cart to propel it forward.

63) There are remnants and ruins of previous Zelda games found in the landscape, including a depressing Lon Lon Ranch.

64) If Brigo sees Link stand on the side of a bridge, he will come and talk him down from trying to commit suicide.

65) Lightning can strike Link or enemies carrying metal weapons.

66) If you scare cuccos by attacking near them, it can make them plop out eggs.

67) Some electric circuit puzzles are supposed to be solved by dragging metal boxes around, but they have alternate solutions by dropping metal weapons on the ground.

68) Drop things into a camp fire to “bake” them instantly, like apples or acorns.

69) Link can do extra selfie poses by using the left joystick when holding down ZL.

70) Attach Octo balloons to objects, like explosives, and have them fall on your enemies.

71) If you bake crappy enough food, it’s censored out.

72) You can freeze food by taking it into cold temperatures. Frozen food gives you a minute of heat resistance.

73) You can bake a cake! Use apple or wild berry, fruit, wheat, cane sugar.

74) Lynels sometimes won’t attack you on sight. Instead they stare you down.

75) If you draw your weapon near a Lynel, they’ll draw theirs, and usually begin attacking.

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Q

76) Other times the Lynel just keeps standing, staring you down, weapon drawn. Spooky!

77) The Lynel in the coliseum can arc arrows completely over walls to hit you from behind, as you cower there like a coward.

78) There’s a mask to blend in with Lynels — but it doesn’t last long as they’re too smart to be fooled for long.

79) Killing enough enemies will cause more powerful versions of those monsters to appear in camps around Hyrule.

80) Blood Moons will cause Guardian Scouts in shrines to respawn. Repeat those Tests of Strength for ++ weapons!

81) Some stables have an attendant that can customize your horse’s bridle, saddle, and mane color and type.

82) If you travel to the far North mountains of Hebra, you can sometimes see an aurora borealis in the sky at night.

83) Kass, the wandering Rito minstrel, will sing riddles about shrines to the tune of the main theme of Breath of the Wild. Each riddle is a different part of the song.

84) There are extremely rare and valuable materials that — if cooked into a dish — will drastically increase the length of the meal’s special effect.

85) Link can become a homeowner, and decorate the walls with weapons and shields you find.

86) Chuchu’s and their jelly can be shot from a distance to cause them to explode with elemental damage, damaging enemies nearby.

87) Certain insects, monsters, and animals only come out a night.

88) Many locations in the game are named after iconic Zelda characters and areas from previous games.

89) You can cut the legs off a Guardian Stalker to stun them, and eventually immobilize them completely.

90) You can also blow up the propellers of a Guardian Skywatcher to send them crashing to the ground.

91) With the right timing, you can perfectly parry a Guardian’s laser back at him just using a Pot Lid or any other lowly shield.

92) Most motion control shrine puzzles can be “cheesed” by flipping your controller completely upside-down or to another odd angle — the game recognizes the input and will flip the environment complete upside-down too.

93) Pikango the Painter’s paintings are actually pretty terrible, if you swing the camera around to look at them.

94) If you run in a tight circle and attack you can do a spin attack without charging it up.

95) Bokoblins and Moblins can’t swim. Pushing them into water kills them.

96) Moblins near water do have a custom idle animation, however. They’ll wash themselves and sometimes take a drink.

97) You don’t need a Korok leaf to power a raft. Just hop on, and use Magnesis to push a big metal weapon against it — the raft will move like a motor boat. Who needs the laws of physics?

98) Pay attention to the positioning of the shrine monks — they have custom, sometimes quite unique, poses.

99) Link has custom climbing animations based off how steep or strenuous the climb is, and how much stamina the climb is using.

100) Enemy Moblins won’t just pick up stray weapons — they’ll sometimes pick up and toss a poor Bokoblin and hurl the little guy right at Link.

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Q

Pretty neat. For the record, all Lynels will arch that shit at you if take cover from their arrows. They're brutal XD

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Chain Chomp

Yeah I was dropping apples into camp fires to bake them before I learned how to cook.

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Q

Combining that complete player freedom with Nintendo's legendary level of polish, attention to detail, and plenty of "I can't believe they thought of that" magic moments result in a game unlike anything else we've ever played.


Posted March 21st, 2017 by nullfather

Game is trash. Should feel bad for liking things that others enjoy, man.

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Axem Metal
Axem Metal
Need someone to tuck you in?

was considering on posting this, and glad I didn't. Thanks!

Pretty neat. For the record, all Lynels will arch that shit at you if take cover from their arrows. They're brutal XD

How far are you in this game now you SOAB? ._.

Posted March 21st, 2017 by ShadowFox08

lynels are motherfuckers and you really don't need to be very far along to find one

personally, I was seeking out my first "lost memories" photo spot before heading toward any of the Divine Beast quests, and after finding it I walked into a new area. Saw something move in the distance as I was walking and stopped to pull out my camera. As I'm zooming in to check it out, it gets the "spotted you" exclamation mark over its head and just starts staring me down.

I start creeping closer (while at max zoom) to try and get a better album picture, and just as I find a satisfactory spot, he gets fed up with my shit and pulls out his bow. "Aw shit that's a Lynel, those guys have always been bad news...I wonder how mean they are in this game. Maybe I'll take him on and warp out when it gets ugly..."

as soon as that thought passes through my mind, a five-way spread shot of ice arrows comes flying toward me, freezing me in place. As I struggle to free myself, he charges at me and just fucking runs me over, leaving me with a fraction of a heart as I bail to Kakariko as fast as my magic tablet can take me.

and yeah, I found out about the arcing arrow thing when I tried hiding behind a rock after the Ploymus Mountain Lynel got mad at me. Almost died learning that lesson.

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

^^oh god imagine this game in hard mode..

Posted March 21st, 2017 by ShadowFox08

How far are you in this game now you SOAB? ._.

I actually beat my first Divine Beast today, but I spotted my first Lynel whenI began the mission about hunting the giant horse in the Taobab Grassland. Fight was brutal but I parried him a ton and had plenty of bombs arrows launched his way. Got a decent picture of him too.

And yeah, that's when I discovered that arching shot. I was torn up XD

Edited March 21st, 2017 by Chain Chomp

I havent touched any divine beasts yet, but I am thinking about going after the bird one soon. I already have the quest to talk to one of the bird people thats out in the snow mountains but have been running around getting all the map towers and shrines I can.

Posted March 22nd, 2017 by Q

did the elephant first bc it happened organically that way and is also the best one

my travels since then have brought me to the bird and camel but I haven't actually done anything about either. Probably going to check out the former first.

Posted March 22nd, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

fuck the rain in this game. seriously..

I'm pushing 40 hours and I still haven't even come close to going to a big dungeon/divine beast. Too much exploring and getting shrines and beating side quests. ugh.

Edited March 26th, 2017 by ShadowFox08

both divine beasts I've cleared have rewarded me with a power that's helpful for exploring

just an fyi

Posted March 26th, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

That is the best fucking image ever ShadowFox ROFL

Posted March 26th, 2017 by Johan-Sensei

It really is the best image ever. I wonder if Nintendo meant for lighting to be such a pain in the ass. They probably did, damn Nintendo.

Posted March 27th, 2017 by Q
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