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Fox Forever's Profile




What is your history with GTX0?

Went to the Smash Melee forum in December 2003 and went by "Roymasta" for a month. Changed it to Fox Forever in January 2004. After GT died I went with a group of people to "Faded Enigma" for a few years. Left there mostly by the end of 2013. Posted sparingly on GTX0 until like 2016 where I have been posting regularly since.

What are your political leanings?

Moderate leaning slightly more liberal.

What are your spiritual/religious leanings?

Agnostic atheist

What's the best way to contact you outside the site?

Xbox Live: RealistIdealist
PSN: RealistIdealist
Switch: (will add soon)

Where do you live?

Let's leave it as "Near Los Angeles". I'd say the exact city if you ask me personally.

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