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Reported Post (Pirate_Ninja)

That can't possibly be a bad thing for the site.
your sarcasm tags are missing

This does things like allows people to reply to your wall of text *while* you're making it,
as someone with a history of both really short and really long posts, I find this a nightmarishly confusing way to fuck up a conversation. I don't want half of my reply to continue ahead of the other. Especially if it leads off on tangent that would've been addressed (or prevented) by the part that hasn't been posted yet. If there's anyone else in the thread, I might not even get around to finishing my original thought because suddenly I need to address where the first part of the previous thought went.

in practice, if you implemented this shit (and I felt compelled to care about the points), I'd just write the entire long post in notepad, check its total length, and then make multiple replies in quick succession to prevent that kind of confusion and interruption. Which would not only circumvent the apparent purpose of the long post penalty, but quite possibly reward me for doing it.

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