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Reported Post (Xhin)

When I was 14 and part of another forum I would post like hell all day long because it got my post count up.

That can't possibly be a bad thing for the site.

I hope we don't get too many "worthless" replies out of it (admittedly this is what I did to increase post count).

Getting your posts tagged makes you lose your post merit and some extra. Getting banned really really impacts your merit. There will also be some more safeguards in place once the next batch of merit features are released.

Does this also have anything to do with being less harsh on bans or increased warnings?

I'm not sure what you mean here. If anything we're being *more* harsh on bans and warnings.

This is a bad idea at least for the world forum especially since it's removing merit because this is kind of discouraging really in-depth discussion

It did for LLight, but it's not supposed to actually remove merit for long posts, it just doesn't earn you any for post length.

What I'd like to encourage instead is splitting large posts into smaller chunks. This does things like allows people to reply to your wall of text *while* you're making it, which helps keep discussions active. You can also earn quite a bit of merit if you do that right, which will be easier to track oncce I have a tool that shows character count in there.

It can sometimes give the impression that because some people actually bothered to like someone's post (while others don't care to or want to even if they like it) or post a lot or happened to make an active thread they have more value than others.

Which is why the things that are acutally valued with the merit system are things that I personally value at any given time. Games discussions, longer (but not too long) posts, replies to lonely posts, etc. As I embed the system deeper into the site it will incentivize submitting post icons, reporting bad posts, participating in streams, responding to a feedback post, or whatever else I value at the time.

Knuckles assessment that it assigns more value to certain users is accurate.

That's actually the goal here. To codify a person's "value to the site". Coming up with the right implementation will take a lot of tweaking.

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