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Reported Post (KnokkelMillennium)

I think I may have accidentally liked this post upon entering somehow while checking thread views.

I honestly really don't like where this idea may lead very much but the most obvious criticisms are this:

>First reply bonuses

This is how "FIRST POST" posts happen.

>Reply length bonuses

This is a bad idea at least for the world forum especially since it's removing merit because this is kind of discouraging really in-depth discussion. I mean I get it lengthy posts can be annoying for some but when you're actually trying to have meaningful discussion about complicated issues it can happen. It's worth asking though if words within quotes count because that would make it even worse.

>you can earn merit depending on how many replies the thread gets.

The problem with this is that a lot of posts end up getting replies because something controversial was said. This happens in both world and the video game forum.

While these issues could be solved with moderation I feel like it sets a bad precedent.

Basically this feels like an attempt to be a different kind of reddit which I don't like for several reasons. It can sometimes give the impression that because some people actually bothered to like someone's post (while others don't care to or want to even if they like it) or post a lot or happened to make an active thread they have more value than others.

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