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Reported Post (Xhin)

This is a solution to the "new users come here and immediately see racism" problem proposed by Count Dooku and SOH and then tweaked a bit by me.

Basically, the world forum is hidden from newest posts/replies/etc by default. You can still get there and get it back on your feed by going through a disclaimer system. New users can find it the same way.

Let's look at how it works:

The link has been moved here and has a disclaimer attached to it. Note that this change doesn't affect you if you already have your own personal quicklinks or have them set back to the old style.

World forum posts are hidden everywhere by default.

If you visit the world forum or any of its posts, you get this disclaimer. The text could be improved -- maybe someone can come up with a better version?

You must click the button to continue.

Once you do, it saves both your IP address and your account (if you're logged in). You only need to sign the disclaimer with one of them -- so people that don't have accounts can still access the world forum like normal.

Once you sign it, the disclaimer disappears from the quicklinks and the forum will appear in your site feed, unless you're using the &not or &only options.

Famov / Arch

Things are now up to Famov and Arch in that forum again. I've talked to them about the hate speech issue and hopefully they'll be able to come up with something.

Forum Elections

In a month or two I want to have another world forum election to see if you guys want to keep Famov/Arch or elect a different set of mods. I'd like to make elections an annual or biannual thing as well.

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