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Given that Horace Slughorn is basically the only "good guy" Slytherin that isn't a spiteful manchild it stands to reason that he is my favorite almost by default. He proved himself to be a perfectly acceptable human being that still managed to exhibit the values of Slytherin House. We were told that they weren't exclusively about blood purity, reactionary politics, and deep seated emotional problems but there's so little evidence from the other Slytherins we meet that this is true in any way.

I've always been fond of Mad Eye Moody, but there's a dilemma with him. Most of the Moody we saw was the Barty Crouch Jr. impersonation. So am I really a fan of Mad Eye or am I merely entertained by Crouch's performance? It's difficult to say. I always loved the scene where fake Moody is tormenting Draco, but that is 100% Crouch acting on the animosity he harbors for Lucius.

Sirius Black is the impossibly cool uncle that you don't realize is outrageously irresponsible and self destructive until you're a bit older and more mature than he ever intended to be. Good job on falling through literally the only Death Veil in existence. Still, when I was a kid I felt like he was one of Harry's only lifelines in Book 5, and that's probably how he managed to endear himself to so many young readers.

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