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I don't love Southeast Asia. You don't have to love something to acknowledge its importance and learn about it, which is why I study China. But the US's future in Asia is via Southeast Asia. It would be extremely unfortunate for those countries and our allies in Northeast Asia if we didn't engage with them diplomatically and economically.

If you wanna toss up some literature or resources to prove me wrong please do so. Ill read through them and give you my interpretation. But right now the consensus is that Africa is the place where we need to be.

lol "the consensus". Bro you're way out on the fringe of thought about Asia and Southeast Asia. No one who understands Asia thinks the way you do.

I understand you're taking a position so you can engage with the topic, and it's hard not to discuss without arguing in this forum, but there are better ways to go about it.

I'd be happy to suggest some articles to you, though. I don't have any on hand, so I'd have to do a little searching, reading, and make a choice about what you'd find interesting. So I really hope you read them with an open mind, not so you can refute them for some silly argument. Do you want articles that talk about SEA's economic potential, geopolitical importance, the south china sea issue, or something else?

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