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When you say that America is the only one that can bring things like infrastructure, Education, and effective governance into fruition, are you referencing the article I posted before that criticized America's foreign policy in Africa? Because if you know that China is currently the main force for development, finance, and economic development in Africa and Eurasia, then you would understand that America is in no position to meet any of those needs at the moment. China currently has the political will, interest, and economic position to meet these development needs in Africa

yes and no. What I am saying is that the the U.S. should be playing catch up in Africa. If they don't they will lose that battle as well. Africa is the future south east asia while important is no longer the future.

Japan isn't part of Southeast Asia, and we didn't drop bombs on them "in the decades following world war 2". You continue to be confused about the whole concept of Southeast Asia in general

while it was my mistake that I didn't differentiate Japan or even Korea as an north east Asian nation instead of a south east Asian my point still stands. These countries choose to run their own affairs around their own way of life. They will never truly follow the American way. We've seen their resistance towards western nations through out the greater regions history.

also the case in Vietnam pretty much highlights what I'm trying to say. South east Asian countries will fight tooth and nail to ensure an outside power does not become too influential.

assume you mean war? That's impossible to predict. It all depends on how it all goes down.

I mean in general. The moment the U.S. crosses any influential boundaries those countries will rescind what ever support they have given us. Granted something drastic has to happen for that to occur.

But you're not thinking about it in the right way. Being engaged in Southeast Asia isn't about building a coalition of countries to fight China in a war. It's about finding mutual interests and combating mutual threats. With China's rise, there is inevitably both threat and opportunity for SEA and the US, and it is in their best interest to balance between both powers rather than be dominated by either one.

my way of thinking is fine. I am just having trouble getring my point of across. While that is all good and all I still view it as a waste of time. Mostly because if China gets too powerful those nations will find a way to resist which imo would help us far more in the long run.

like I said we need to be jumping on board the African wagon. Failing to do so will solidify our global standing as Chinas number 2.

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