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I feel embarrassed that I once mistook this bored trust fund kid for a legit intellectual in the same boat as Dawkins or Hitchens. Now I just view him as an Israel/imperialism/right wing apologist with too much time on his hands.

The only way your anti Israel stance could be more deranged is if you finally admitted that you don't believe they have a right to exist. Hitchens would have disagreed, and you would have probably disowned him by now as well, were he still alive and able to offer a realistic perspective on America's (and Israel's) position in the world.

The common thread I’ve noticed with the “intellectual dark web” is that it’s mostly right wingers pretending not to be right wingers. With massive victim complexes while they complain about liberals having victim complexes.

Center and center right commentary will look "right wing" only from the deepest recesses of TYT grade punditry, but you must be able to understand why these folks have a broader audience than Jimmy "All cops are criminals." Dore and Ana "I'm better than you." Kasparian.

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