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Ben Shapiro

Talking so fast that no one can respond doesn’t make someone correct. He uses the same tired cliches and talking points that every right wing talk radio host preceding him used. He just wraps the bullshit (and I think he KNOWS he is full of shit most of the time) behind a veneer of an honest intellectual conversation.

Sam Harris

I feel embarrassed that I once mistook this bored trust fund kid for a legit intellectual in the same boat as Dawkins or Hitchens. Now I just view him as an Israel/imperialism/right wing apologist with too much time on his hands. If I want anti-PC, I will go watch much more entertaining and better presented content from the various edgelord YouTubers, because unlike Harris, they don’t go on to defend the blood imperialism has on its hands just to make a point about political correctness and Islam being bad.

His neuroscience and “philosophy” work are sort of interesting but not as insightful or unique as I once thought. In general he seems like a bit of a fraud. Oh well, at least his mommy’s Golden Girls money was used for things other than drugs and hookers.

Eric Weinstein

Don’t know much about him.

Jordan Peterson

Easily the most likeable of the hip new right wing podcasters and “public intellectuals”. I do think he is good for lonely, confused young men as he gives them direction through age-old mythology and tropes that are still valuable yet somehow largely forgotten in the modern age.

What i don’t like is the way he insinuates that “the left” and “cultural Marxism” are to blame for the problems facing young men today. Idk if he is being paid to do it or what, but he sounds pretty reasonable and well-meaning up until this point where he starts politicizing psychology and people’s personal problems.

Dave Rubin


“The left is too radical and PC, therefore I am going to reverse literally everything I believe about economics”

I don’t get it

Joe Rogan

Pretty much the chillest dude ever. I’d smoke a blunt with him.

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