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African countries *can become* the hot bed that we need to engage in, but that's not going to come without deep water ports, efficient governance, education, or railroads or roads inland

and between us and China we are the only ones capable of making sure those things come to fruition. Even the U.S. military understands that at this point. Why do you think Africom has been so dam active there.

And you're wrong about Southeast Asia.

not really. Theres a reason why south east Asian countries fought so dam hard to kick out U.S. influence in the decades following world war 2. It took the dropping of two nuclear bombs to get one of those countries to fully play ball with us.

this is still the case today. While true there are south east Asian countries which want the U.S. there to keep China in check I am willing to be that if it came down to it those countries would move to support China in a heart beat.

like I said it is a losing battle. The best thing to do is to focus all our efforts in Africa. Especially now that China more or less has the head start in the region.

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