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The capitalist in me thinks tariff is a bad word, but the world kind of needs China's trajectory to superpower status disrupted, and probably stopped altogether, for the time being st least.

To an extent, I agree with you. China's economic rise since the 90's has done a lot of good, but it's given the Chinese government the ability to crush dissent at home and pressure governments abroad into respecting its national interests.

If you truly wanted to stop China's super power transformation you would be up in arms with the nonsense the trump admin has been pulling in the global stage.

Can you be more specific with what you mean?

Is there any serious justification for Chinese tariffs being so high to begin with? Many people blame Trump for this trade war, but he is really challenging a global order that benefits China disproportionately when it is no longer in any dire need for thst kind of advantage. Should the world not be pressuring China to lower it's tariffs?

Chinese tariffs are not as extraordinarily high as you might think, and certainly, since joining the WTO, the Chinese market has opened up a lot over time and tariffs have come down a lot as well.

This issues actually goes beyond just tariffs though, and even more than our trade deficit. Chinese IP thefts, forced technology transfers from businesses who want to set up in China, and China's "Made in China 2025" policy to dominate in critical high-tech sectors are wrapped up in it. So it's critically important.

Your last point, shouldn't the world pressure China, I would definitely agree. China's biggest fear is that the US will successfully be able to unite most of the world against China and coordinate pressure effectively.

But, that's not what's happening. Trump is launching trade wars against our allies simultaneously, which is just plain stupid, no matter how you cut it. China is already trying to bring the rest of the world to its side and against America on that issue, and it'll be interesting to see how that works out.

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