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"It gets repetitive after a while though. If anything having to do back to back side quests to satisfy npcs is going to become a chore and will ultimately make me dislike the game. The open world wonder eventually dies. I feel like its best for me to walk away now and take a break from it andreapproach it later on. There's also the notion of wanting to put all my interests in another game series for a while. "

I totally get your point and want to share I have had plenty of times I have felt the way you do. This is another reason why I have never finished Skyrim. And I have been working on BotW since February. There is also a long list of games I have that I have never finished going all the way back to my SNES. So trust me, I feel your pain.

"You say your burned out of the game and the side quest were repetive so I think you didn’t enjoy the game that much. "

it's possible to enjoy a game at first, but get burned out on it. Especially when the game offers so much repetitive content. Taking a break and coming back after a while can help reinvigorate your interest in that game and allow you to enjoy it more.

"Like if you watch a movie then at the end say thank god that movie is over I’m burned out, you didn’t like the movie right?"

Yes it is, go watch Lord of the Rings: The return of the king straight through without pausing for a pee break. You'll definitely be saying "Good movie but thank god it's over" by the end.

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