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Reported Post (Xhin)

Just an update to this:

About 80% of the game is designed at this point. You have 13 ships to play around with. All the recipes and weapons are done, with the exception of ship weapons which I'm working on and the names of elemental weapons. I've got the space map set up but need to figure out what the planets / derelicts look like.

The systems this game needs to run are still a bit lacking, but I've got them at least fully designed and the infrastructure built for them.

A couple of the cooler features:

  • All players start out knowing almost all crafting recipes -- some are definitely hidden though.

  • The game has three elements that affect one another (like the test game did). Weapons and ships have these elements. Additionally, players start as a random race, which has its own nice little abilities:

    Biological -- Has three perma-stealthed "observers" that can't interact with anything but can help them explore / find other players.

    Mechanical -- Have a minion with a permanent "healing" item. Can use this to heal characters and ships (it does take ammo though).

    Energy -- Can go through wormholes that connect planets together.

  • If you own a Race Crystal, you can send me a PM and I'll change your race for you (using up the Race Crystal in the process).

  • You can craft (or buy) a special item known as a Biometric Tracker. Each player also starts out with (1). You use this to tag another player when you find them and then you can use this at any time to see what room they're in. Kinda useful for this game because it has a very large map.

  • Players have Carry Limits but they each have a "Player Station" that only they have access to, so they can drop items in there.

  • If you have a Portal Crystal and send me a PM about it, I'll add a relationshipo between your Player Station and any other room in the game besides Hyperspace or another Player Station.

  • Another little hardcoded auto-action, you can "Mine" planets for raw materials sometimes. This will clone the item and give it to you as many times as you do it. No you don't need a pickaxe, this is the 27th century silly.

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