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@Count Dooku:

Also, it seems like you can spam 'throwable' items. If you happened to get a bunch of them you could put a world of hurt on someone even when it was their turn to attack you.

I'm thinking time-based cooldowns might work even better than round-based cooldowns because it would keep players engaged in a fully auto game for long periods of time -- so instead of like, being able to throw an item three times a round, you could instead throw an item once every 4 hours.

Speaking of bullet boxes, I'm curious how the steal menu works. If there are 7 bullet boxes that 7 people have, you have 7 options to pick from when stealing. Do you have to happen to pick the SPECIFIC bullet box the person you're stealing from has, or can you just pick any bullet box and still possibly be successful? Any chance you could change it so that bullet box only shows up once in the menu?

Yeah it was kind of messed up in the beginning, but with the Item Kindof update I should be able to sort and process items by "kindof" in menus like that -- as a host you would naturally clone bullet boxes instead of adding them in manually.

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