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Reported Post (NIFE)

NOTE: The game "Kings & Pawns" has been tabled for the time being due to lack of interest. Maybe sign up for this one instead?

Space War 0: Free Space

This is a test game to test out some of the new systems that will be used in a future goal-oriented Space War game. Nonetheless it should be pretty fun.

  • Free-for-all game.

  • Fully automatic (no host interaction needed). Infinite auto-actions. Rounds updated sporadically at Host discretion (to archive posts mainly). Dead players (and ships) resurrect on space stations at full health.

  • Pilot Spaceships to go from system to system.

  • Go around planets / on derelict spaceships / stations / etc as a human.

  • Use spaceships to shoot at other spaceships, asteroids, etc.

  • Gain Stardollars for destroying things (especially other spaceships).

  • Find Raw materials on planets, inside derelicts, etc. You can also use Stardollars to purchase raw materials.

  • Use raw materials to craft ship weapons, ammo, human weapons, human ammo, and even new spaceships. You can maybe also buy these with Stardollars.

    Systems still needed

    The systems should be ready in a week or so, so sign up in the meantime!

  • The "kindof" update will be done in a couple hours -- this makes all the new systems possible.

  • Crafting System

  • Shops

  • Vehicles

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