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The Wrestling Forum

Can you dig it...SUCKA?!
Get to Know the Members... 30the wondertaker
July 23rd, 2014
Next tourney? 7dragon2002
(Brocken Jr.)
May 20th, 2016
2016 GT King of the Ring FINALS 2the wondertaker
(the wondertaker)
February 23rd, 2016
WWE 2k16 Tournament! First tournament of 2016 10the wondertaker
(the wondertaker)
February 16th, 2016
Can anyone give me a full list of Wrestling games where you can go and
fight backstage?
October 20th
Hey is WWE 2K18 better than WWF No Mercy?? 0Welsh_Gamer
October 18th
So, lets talk about this... 1Brandy
October 17th
Why is this happening? 1Brandy
September 30th
Hells goin on? 1Rheem
September 24th
So this just happened.. 1Bronson
September 23rd
Can this exist in WWE? 1Bronson
September 23rd
Can they coexist? 1Pale Rider
September 22nd
Huge name signs with WWE/NXT 1Saltyyyy
August 18th
Any updates from the KHW wrestling group? 1ChubbaHammaFan
July 27th
Prediction Series hi-tech relaunch 2Aurelian
May 30th
Is KillerKhan still around? 6Glenn Piper
May 25th
The Hitman 0Agent 47
May 12th
Favorite wrestling theme? 3the hitman
(team groin)
May 11th
Holy crap this place is still going? 1Cruze
May 1st
Jesus! How much came flooding back reading the History link... 2KoPoDa
April 24th

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