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Politics & Religion

World events, politics and whatever (especially whatever)
WARNING: Posts may contain offensive content and red wine
09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER

"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

"My family is more important than my party." - Zell Miller

Xi Jinping ‘doesn’t intend to follow through’ on trade war talks and
local Chinese officials are ‘like mafioso dons’, says top Donald Trump
adviser Larry Kudlow
Sino-US trade war begins today 24Agis
July 6th
Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 3Agis
June 18th
The World Wants You to Think Like a Realist 0Agis
May 31st
Israel attacks Syria then issues threat. 8#85
May 10th
Happy 200th Birthday Karl Marx -- You've Never been more Relevant 15Agis
May 5th
Opinion | The U.S. and China Are Finally Having It Out 6Agis
May 2nd
Van ploughs into pedestrians in Toronto 49Smiling Apple
April 23rd
Trump weighs rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership amid trade dispute with
April 12th
Trump' China Tariffs 2Dr. Doom
(Dr. Doom)
March 23rd
Trump Alienates Allies Needed for a Trade Fight With China 9Agis
March 8th
Chinese Communist Party Proposes Scraping Presidential Term Limits, Xi
JinPing can stay on
February 25th
Iran's Protests and the Myth of Benign Silence 0Agis
January 11th
Eurasia Group: Top Political Risks of 2018 2Agis
January 8th
Trump Preparing to Unveil New Trade Restrictions on China: Report 9Agis
January 8th
Britain considers joining TPP post-Brexit... despite not being anywhere
near the Pacific
January 3rd
How China got a Senator to do its Political Bidding 0Agis
December 18th, 2017
Next week on The Trump Show: Trip to Asia 0Agis
November 3rd, 2017
I just realized that the latest call of duty video game is of ww2. Why
can’t they make a call of duty game about REAL modern warfare centered
around invading and conquering all Muslim nations?
8World man
October 27th, 2017
To deter North Korea, Japan and South Korea should go Nuclear 11Agis
October 23rd, 2017

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