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Politics & Religion

World events, politics and whatever (especially whatever)
WARNING: Posts may contain offensive content and red wine
09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER

"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

"My family is more important than my party." - Zell Miller

I'm going to consider becoming a Christian 10Louis De Pointe du Lac
(Fox Forever)
April 1st
I've worked pretty closely with Guatamalans and Mexicans over the last
(Brocken Jr.)
April 1st
Caravan of over 1,000 illegal Hispanic invaders heading towards U.S 53#85
(I killed Mufasa)
April 1st
Pessimism 5Cupola
April 1st
This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy 2Agis
April 1st
"No One is Coming for Your Guns." and Other Lies 36Famov
March 31st
Ive been in DC since Thursday... 32s.o.h.
March 31st
A controversial London-based academic with close ties to Nigel Farage has
been detained by the FBI upon arrival in the US and issued a subpoena to
testify before Robert Mueller
March 30th
Bunch of people realize that Texas is the best state 14nullfather
March 29th
Ancillary abortion discussion (split from another thread) 11Fox Forever
(Pink Peruvian Flying Bear)
March 27th
Tougher U.S. stance toward Russia shaped over months 2pacman
March 26th
"Parkland shooting student" changes story UPDATE : 2 different events 38#85
March 26th
Putin on Mexico 8Jubei
(Brocken Jr.)
March 25th
Zell Miller Has Died 1Famov
March 23rd
Rotherham 2.0 : Muslim rape grooming gangs AGAIN in city of Telford 59#85
March 23rd
Trump' China Tariffs 2Dr. Doom
(Dr. Doom)
March 23rd
McMaster is out, Bolton is in 5Famov
March 22nd
My treatise on why God lets evil exist 126GC/MS
March 22nd
Introduction to Kabbalah with Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser 1nullfather
March 20th
Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as 'social
March 19th

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