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I've made peace with the fact that I'm not going to 100% Mario Odyssey 37Bubba
April 7th
My Switch Code 1Castrael
(Weid man)
April 7th
What should my next "long term campaign" game be? 10Fox Forever
April 6th
nintendo switch friend code 8S.O.H.
April 5th
Two New Pokémon Switch Titles Leaked? 10Castrael
April 5th
TIL (Opeth & Gene Hoglan) 0nullfather
April 5th
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Announced for PS4, Xbox One 2Vandy
April 5th
Spyro Reignited Announced For PS4 and Xbox One 14Vandy
April 5th
Juggling Landmines: The Easiest and Most Consistent XP Exploit in Fallout:
New Vegas
(I killed Mufasa)
April 3rd
Which video game do you think has the best water? 7Welsh_Gamer
(Fox Forever)
April 1st
Pc. Anyone wanna play? 0Mist(Kirara1535)
April 1st
Hey should raise the age level for rated m video games by one year to 18
because mature literally means adult.
0Weid mature
March 31st
A mission of mine in Sea of Thieves 11Q
March 30th
No Man's Sky coming to Xbox. All versions getting free content update 3Vandy
March 29th
How goes it? 2Orion Nebula
(Count Dooku)
March 29th
Dragon Quest XI Releasing in the West September 4th, 2018 4Laxan
March 29th
What are good PS4 Exclusive titles? 26Fox Forever
(Weid man)
March 27th
Nullfather needs to play PUBG because he works at one. 1Weid man
March 25th
Playing the Arkham Trilogy with My Partner 1Laxan
March 24th
Sea of Thieves reviews - current 67 on metacritic 26Vandy
March 23rd

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