Why is Destroy All Humans free this month on Xbox Games with Gold? The
remake is being released next month
June 16th
Which is your favourite Playstation 3 exclusive game and why? 18Welsh_Gamer
June 14th
Hi what are the best speakers to buy for a laptop at a reasonable price? 3British Steve
June 8th
Which game series which is similar to GTA is your favourite? (Updated) 23Welsh_Gamer
June 1st
Seasons greetings 0Dr.Dre
May 26th
Welp, perfect time to destroy our backlogs during this time 23ShadowFox08
May 24th
Unreal Engine 5 looks intense 5Xhin
May 14th
Final Fantasy VII Remake 27Jet Presto
May 14th
Got a gaming laptop and bought Fallout New Vegas from Steam 3-Riku-
May 12th
Need a good office chair/ gaming chair with wheels (In the UK) 0British Steve
May 9th
Minecraft: Dungeons 5rykjsjr
(Axem Great Water)
May 7th
Whats your opinion of my TV setup for my game consoles and my soundbar? 15British Steve
May 4th
Hi I have a new 4K TV and a standard Xbox One. I need to know the best
display mode to use on my TV
2British Steve
(British Steve)
April 22nd
Actor Rick May, voice of Soldier from Team Fortress 2 and Peppy from Star
Fox 64 (among others), has died from COVID-19 at the age of 79.
April 19th
How often do you replay games? 11Axem Great Water
April 16th
Persona 5: The Royal - non-spoiler impressions so far 0Jo Nathan
April 15th
What is your favourite game where you can play as a licensed Sauna Guard? 8Welsh_Gamer
April 14th
Boundary break old games yourself online 3Xhin
April 13th
Anyone know about streaming multiplayer on PS4? 0Jet Presto
April 13th
Anyone playing Animal Crossing? 23Castrael
April 9th

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