Cancel Kojima! Twitter Puritans unite to destroy Death Stranding! 10tnu
November 15th
no man's sky 1poptart!
November 14th
Well then. I guess a Switch is out of the question. 1S.O.H.
November 13th
Wow, Ring Fit Adventure is out and its getting really good reviews 2ShadowFox08
November 9th
Which Xbox 360 game do you most want to be made backwards compatible? 21Welsh_Gamer
November 6th
My thoughts on the Outer Worlds 0-Riku-
November 5th
Super Smash Ultimate is now the best selling fighting game in history. 0ShadowFox08
November 4th
Retrospective Streaming: Gears of War 2 13Jet Presto
November 3rd
Saddest video game moments (Spoilers) 13Brandy
November 1st
What is your favourite game appealing to Adults on the Nintendo 64? 5Welsh_Gamer
October 28th
Which game series which is similar to GTA is your favourite? (Updated) 15Welsh_Gamer
October 26th
Character I most want to see in Super Smash Bros Ultimate 8I killed Mufasa
October 26th
Most unessecary Final Fantasy Party Member? 11Brandy
October 24th
Favourite video game Villain? 7Brandy
October 23rd
Worst Video Game Heroine 1Brandy
October 20th
Worst Video Game? 2Brandy
October 20th
Whst’s the best video game? 20Cetasaurus
(Jet Presto)
October 19th
Been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 15 lately 9-Riku-
October 16th
[RUMOR] Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be set in South Florida 1Welsh_Gamer
(Fox Forever)
October 14th
Activision Blizzard bans a hearthstone player for pro Hong Kong support 9ShadowFox08
October 12th

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