Nintendo Third Quarter Release Earnings - Switch Hardware 52.48M LTD 6ShadowFox08
February 13th
I'm just creating a thread to post this cool picture of my Oldschool
RuneScape character.
(Axem Great Water)
February 13th
Beat Starfox Zero 0mariomguy
February 12th
Hi on Grand Theft Auto Online I won an Oppressor motorbike in the Casino
but the problem is I don't know to sell it
February 2nd
Top 5 games of the last Decade? 27S.O.H.
February 2nd
Top 50 Games of the Decade: #50-41. 2Jet Presto
(Jet Presto)
January 29th
AI Dungeon 2 5Xhin
January 27th
Retrospective Streaming: Gears of War: Judgment 1Jet Presto
(Jet Presto)
January 27th
Is Shalnor Legends worth buying for this price? 1Welsh_Gamer
(Axem Great Water)
January 19th
Final Fantasy VII Remake Delayed to April 10th 4Laxan
(Jet Presto)
January 17th
Resident Evil 3 Remake- Nemesis Trailer 0S.O.H.
January 15th
Review: A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019) 0Jet Presto
January 11th
What are you playing? Fall 2019 60Vandy
January 7th
Which game series which is similar to GTA is your favourite? (Updated) 19Welsh_Gamer
(Sports Pro Joe)
January 3rd
Which Xbox 360 game do you most want to be made backwards compatible? 28Welsh_Gamer
December 28th, 2019
Gather 'round everyone for an update on my Dark Souls journey 10Vandy
(Jet Presto)
December 27th, 2019
The best theme song I've ever heard 0Axem Great Water
December 21st, 2019
so uh... MS just officially revealed their next gen console during the
game awards
(Fox Forever)
December 16th, 2019
Pokemon Sword/Shield! 11Cetasaurus
December 15th, 2019

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