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E3 2019 - EA Livestream 0Moonray
June 8th
Stadia Connect Info (pricing, games, release date) 4Vandy
June 6th
E3 is next week 19S.O.H.
June 6th
Gaming regrets? 33S.O.H.
(Count Dooku)
June 3rd
AAA PC recommendations? 64S.O.H.
(S.o h)
June 3rd
Death Stranding coming to PS4 this November, watch the new trailer 6Q
June 3rd
Sigil - the revival of an all-time classic 4Cruinn-Annuin
(Black Yoshi)
June 1st
Animator replaces Sonic in the new Movie Trailer with cartoon Sonic 10Q
May 31st
Smash Bros Ultimate now has VR support! 0ShadowFox08
May 30th
Xbox GWG June 2019 1Vandy
May 30th
Outer Wilds launches in 6 days 1Xhin
May 30th
The Witcher 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch, according to leaked store
May 28th
Bought a Switch 15Jet Presto
May 28th
Does anyone know what this game is? 8Welsh_Gamer
May 28th
Found a collection of game randomizers 1Axem Great Water
(Axem Great Water)
May 28th
US considers 25%% tariff on game consoles 7ShadowFox08
May 26th
I have been playing Persona 5 lately and I love it! 1-Riku-
(Axem Great Water)
May 25th
Two of my real life friends work st Sony San Diego and most likely will be
attending e3 with their industry passes, what do you want them to tell you
about which games?
1Weid man
(smooth as a babys ass)
May 24th
What are you playing? 2019 Early Access 103Vandy
May 24th
rate my team 4rellcking
May 24th

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