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E3 Hypethread

In middle/high school I used to skip class to watch E3 live. Now I barely notice when it's going on.

I usually forget until after the fact, but the hype still manages to ensnare me once I hear about a few interesting new releases.

Fire Emblem Switch is the only thing I know I want. A reveal t

May 19th
Should they make a fire embolden and Zelda game together called “the
master swordsmen”?

The last Fire Emblem crossover game was such an incredible success that I sincerely hope they never try it again. Honestly Shadows of Valentia was my game of 2017. That's the sort of thing I want Nintendo to do with the property.

And as far as Zelda goes, Breath of the Wild was also every bit as

9Weid man
May 14th
What should my next "long term campaign" game be?

Assuming you're interested in playing the correct game you may as well consult this handy leveling guide:

It's only appropriate that the best game ever made would have the best online community to go along with it.

10Fox Forever
April 7th
Bought myself a Switch

John de Lancie as yourself (of course).

Rose Leslie (aka Ygritte of Game of Thones fame) as Mrs. Q. At least, that's who'd I'd choose to be my on-screen wife. Feel free to fill in the blank on this one.

Welsh_Gamer as Q junior.


The Switch would be a worthwhile console if all I'd ever

February 24th
Collecting Video Games

Definitely my unopened copy of fire emblem path of radiance.

It's a great game, but I'm not sure I'd ever have the heart to break the seal on that thing. What's the story behind it?

if your'e going tobe collecting games any way try for Legend of Heroes.

You know, somehow I took you

February 13th
What are some shows that make you feel... better?

Nothing makes me feel better about being human than Star Trek.

February 11th
Collecting Video Games

My grandfather spent a lifetime collecting American currency in its various forms, but with a particular emphasis on coinage. The question isn't whether or not the value of this hoard, if properly auctioned, could be used to purchase a house but how nice, or how many, it might buy. Regardless, the a

February 10th
What is your favourite game similar to the Dark Souls Series and why?

Crash Bandicoot or Cuphead. I can't decide.

January 30th
best songs to drink to?

Okay, so you know how when you're drinking and a cheeseburger sounds like the most amazing thing in the world, and then you get one and it is? That's... what Dokken is like for me.

January 17th
Star Trek Discovery

Two of my friends caved in and subscribed to CBS All Access, but I just can't make myself do it. I figure I'll buy it on disc whenever that inevitably happens or when they finally put it on Netflix in the states.

Incidentally, both of these friends like it a lot which is only making it more painf

January 15th
Dark Souls Remastered Announced for Switch, X1, PS4, PC

You must really like Dark Souls.

Oh, that's nothing. I'll be buying it full price, on launch, and for a platform where I already own the original.

January 13th
The Witcher (a schizophrenic review)

Spoilers abound for a decade old game. You've been warned.

The Witcher series of computer RPGs comfortably sits beside the likes of The Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect as among the most important of the last ten years. Despite this, and despite the popularity and acclaim of later titles, there's a

January 7th
Nintendo Switch Becomes the Fastest-Selling Home Video Game System of All
Time in the U.S.

Nintendo is king again, surprising only those that lack faith.

I turn thirty this year and as such I am much too old to be a console warrior... but by that same token I am probably supposed to be too old to appreciate the concentrated joy Nintendo managed to pack inside Mario Odyssey. With that i

January 5th
Acclaimed/Popular/Culty movies you've yet to see

I've never finished Return of the Jedi. It must be in those later scenes that it becomes a good movie.

I suppose The Titanic shouldn't count for me, because in saying I've "yet to see" it implies that I likely will in spite of my intention to never do so. If a love story set aboard a sinking ship

18Fox Forever
January 3rd
Which game series which is similar to Legend of Zelda is your favourite?

The only game on this list that I've played is Star Fox Adventures and as such I am confident in saying that it is not my favorite LoZ derivative. Any other game chosen at random is likely to be something I appreciate more, perhaps with the exception of modern Sonic.

December 18th, 2017
if you had the time and resources to make your own AAA game, what would it

Much like poptart my favorite games are fantastical and have only the loosest of connections with the real world. To that end I would make a high budget, open world, exploration focused RPG that incorporates player unfriendly mechanics like permadeath and arcane character progression and combat syst

December 7th, 2017
Will Video Games Ever Get to the Point of Being Too Realistic and Too

(the Oblivion Topless Mod incident, in which a mod that made a model file depicting exposed breasts took a game where graphic killing from a first-person view, blood, gore and even mutilation are included from a T rating to an M rating).

That the mangled (and very naked) corpse of Lucien Lachan

December 6th, 2017
Smough and Orenstein

I am both weird and good at Dark Souls!

The first game can be a bit finicky with summons but I may very well have a character near enough yours in level for it to work.

2Jet Presto
December 2nd, 2017
What are you playing fall 2017 edition

I'm an ace at Capra now, but I'm willing to concede that the dogs were probably too much. The Bed of Chaos is the one I still die to half a dozen times every play-through. It just sucks and I never feel confident about anything I do in that fight.

For my part though I am playing through Shin Mega

November 29th, 2017
so did anyone pick up Ultra Sun/Moon?

Is Ultra Sun/Moon iterative on the base game in a similar way Black/White 2 was? I was really into Black 2 when I played it, and that's in part because I'm a sucker for returning to a world and seeing how things have changed. One of my absolute favorite gaming moments when I was a kid was realizing

November 26th, 2017

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