What are you playing Winter/Spring 2020! 54S.O.H.
January 16th
Nvidia showcases DLSS 2.0, and it's amazing 1ShadowFox08
(Ruby teh Lizard)
Three games I bought recently 3-Riku-
(Axem Great Water)
Any Gravity Rush fans here? 6Jo Nathan
(Jet Presto)
March 29th
Can't find a game by name 2Dark Knowings
March 24th
Monster Hunter: World 7Jet Presto
March 21st
Welp, perfect time to destroy our backlogs during this time 15ShadowFox08
March 17th
Xbox Series X Complete Specs + Ray Tracing/Gears 5/Back-Compat/Quick
Resume Demo Showcase!
March 17th
Augmented Reality Gaming 3Axem Great Water
(Jet Presto)
March 15th
What is your favourite game where you can play as a licensed Sauna Guard? 5Welsh_Gamer
March 9th
So, That Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo 15Laxan
(Axem Great Water)
March 5th
Been trying to play Hollow Knight 3-Riku-
February 28th
Recently Finished Dragon Quest XI (Or Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5, and the
Power of Marketing)
February 27th
No more settlement quests for FO4? 3-Riku-
February 27th
Risk of Rain 2 hiscore 5.5 billion (No Lunars) 49x19
February 19th
Which 2020 games are you guys stoked about? 29I killed Mufasa
February 16th
I'm just creating a thread to post this cool picture of my Oldschool
RuneScape character.
(Axem Great Water)
February 12th
Beat Starfox Zero 0mariomguy
February 12th
Unpopular opinion time 39-Riku-
(Jet Presto)
February 10th
Hi on Grand Theft Auto Online I won an Oppressor motorbike in the Casino
but the problem is I don't know to sell it
February 2nd

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