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What are you playing End of the Year Edition 63S.O.H.
November 3rd, 2018
The original Legend of Zelda apparently has a minus world (and it's creepy
This Morning
Trails of Cold Steel 3 coming this Fall! 0Castrael
Yesterday Evening
Ocarina of Time: a masterclass in subtext 0Xhin
(Website not secure)
Anyone have a Charmander they can give me in ORAS? 0I killed Mufasa
Smash Anyone? 5Laxan
Resident evil 2 remake one shot demo 0S.o h.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice gameplay 1Vandy
(S.o h)
January 11th
Bungie assumes full publishing rights for Destiny; Activision no longer
January 10th
New console being released to compete with Xbox One and PS4, Modern
Warfare 4 and more
January 9th
Anthem gameplay 2Vandy
(Jet Presto)
January 7th
Games you're looking forward to playing in 2019? 7-Riku-
(Jet Presto)
January 7th
Current backlogged games this gen? 13ShadowFox08
(Fox Forever)
January 4th
Bought three new games the other day 7-Riku-
January 3rd
I Won a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament for the First Time! 6Laxan
January 1st
Got a new gaming chair for Christmas 5-Riku-
(Axem Great Water)
December 27th, 2018
Any Interest in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament? 20Laxan
(Count Dooku)
December 23rd, 2018
Kingdom Hearts III Final Battle Trailer 0Laxan
December 23rd, 2018
Subnautica is amazing 0Xhin
December 22nd, 2018
Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling console of this generation in the
US (Smash 3m, BotW 4m, SMO 4.7m)
December 21st, 2018

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