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Post your Switch friend codes here to be added to the contacts page 11Weid man
January 11th
What Are You Playing? Winter Edition 112Vandy
(Fox Forever)
December 21st, 2017
Trump is out to ban violent video gwmss (please see attached link on
message body for details).
2Weid man
(Weid man)
Last Night
Sea of Thieves releases next week. Here are the achievements 1Vandy
Yesterday Afternoon
any one play fortnite? 5s.o.h.
PC Multiplayer gaming 14I killed Mufasa
Opinion: we need another video game market crash. 15nullfather
Question about the Switch 14Cetasaurus
Can someone please put a discord gamercontacts tab and also here is the
gtx0 discord in case anyone is interested in joining, and here is my
personal discord pin
3Weid man
(Weid man)
eBay discounting everything 20%% off until 8pm today 13ShadowFox08
March 9th
March 8th
Nintendo just did a thing. 11S.O.H.
March 8th
Yugioh duel links post 0-Riku-
March 5th
Turok And Turok 2 Are Now Available For Xbox One 2Vandy
March 2nd
Donald trump is going to meet video games executives next week and I wish
I could go meet him and tell him to learn how to play video gaming so he
can play with and talk to chiefsonmy who’s even old
15Weid man
March 2nd
360 games are getting a Xbox One X enhanced patch. 8ShadowFox08
March 1st
PlayStation Plus dropping PS3 and Vita games in 2019 4Q
February 28th
Do you multitask between 2-3 games? 13ShadowFox08
February 26th
PUBG for Xbox on sale for $20 6Vandy
February 25th
games/franchises you'd never thought you'd be interested in, but here you
February 25th

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