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The Sports Center

"Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?"

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Get to Know the Members... 30the wondertaker
July 23rd, 2014
2016 GT King of the Ring FINALS 2the wondertaker
(the wondertaker)
February 23rd, 2016
WWE 2k16 Tournament! First tournament of 2016 10the wondertaker
(the wondertaker)
February 16th, 2016
Epic in Miami #2! 5Weid miami
(Weid man)
Should ucf make it to the playoff after going indefeated? 0Weid man
December 1st
I don’t realize that they air smash bros on espn. 0Weid man
November 29th
I didn’t know that Phil mickelson plays Mario Golf. 0Weid mickelson
November 23rd
Jet presto can you PLEASE follow college football? Jahoy hoy follows it
vaguely but speed bike pro is my professor st it but he is like never on
here anymore.
1Weid man
(Jet Presto)
November 4th
Jahoy hoy should smash bros ultimate be anchored on espn? 0Weid man
November 1st
Jahoy hoy please ask speed what his thoughts are about this huge #1
Bama-#4 LSU game next satuday.
2Weid man
(Weid man)
October 29th
Why do some nfl games get blacked out so we can’t watch them? 0Weid man
October 28th
The dodgers keep on trying harder and harder this year they deserve to win
the World Series.
2Weid man
(Weid man)
October 23rd
Jahoy hoy can you please tell speed bike pro that THREE teams from the
American conference are ranked in college football right now?
6Weid man
(Jahoy Hoy)
October 7th
Jet presto desevrdtl bd mod here he knows EVERYTHING about sports. 2Weid no mod
(Jahoy Hoy)
September 24th
Jon gruden returns as raiders head coach, now we need to see him s**t in
front of Tom brady’s d**k in a playoff rematch this time ruling AGAINST
Brady because the nfl recently abolished the tuck rul
0Weid man
September 10th
My friend just texted me and said that Leonard was traded to yoshi for
0weid man
July 18th
Russia lost in dramatic fashion, bless the lord! 1weid man
July 7th
Japan blew a 2-0 goal lead today in the second half vs Belgium and then
gave up three consecutive goals the third one being the very last play of
the game.
0weid man
July 2nd
Lebron and the lakers agree to a four year $154 million deal! 9weid man
(Fox Forever)
July 1st
Germany eliminated from the FIFA World Cup after round 1. 1weid man
(Jet Presto)
June 27th

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