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"I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out."

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Carlos Beltran announced retirement today from baseball 0Weid man
November 14th
World Series 4Jet Presto
(Weid man)
October 30th
YES Yankees entertainment station fails to reach the World Series blowing
a 3-:2 Series lead on the Astros
0World Series man
October 22nd
I don’t think that there had been a single football game that has ended
because of an extra point MADE with absolutely no time remaining on the
0Weid man
October 20th
Joanna Champion 1Vandy
October 19th
Xwlteifw forests creaks ankle in season against the Cavs, may be our for
the remainder of the season.
0Weid man
October 18th
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers out for the rest of the season with
collar bone injury.
0Weid man
October 16th
USA eliminated from World Cup contention as a result of tonight’s loss
vs Trinidad and Tobago and panama’s last minute game winning goal vs
Costa Rica to knock the USA out from next year’s World
0Weid misses out
October 10th
This seriously just happened in the nutsack baseball WILD card game
between true twins and Yankees which caused me to masturPLATE
1Wild MLB
(Wild MLB)
October 3rd
Forgot to post God in my thread below, trump wants to ban NFL players
kneeling during the national anthem
0weid merge
September 26th
Payton manning possibly running to become senator of Tennessee, trump aims
to ban NFL players kneeling during national anthem and college basketball
fraud among other things.
1Weid manning
(Weid man)
September 26th
Dwayne wade agrees to sign with the cavs once his buyout deal from the
bulls have been finalized within the next few days
0Weid man
September 25th
Melo and George join Westbrook in okc. 0Westbrook man
September 23rd
What the **** is wrong with the chargers ALWAYS CHOKING WITH THE GAME ON
0Weid John MADden
September 17th
NFL concerned of lackluster attendance for any team, and Tony romo also
apparently retired.
0Weid madden
September 14th
Did anyone else forget football started today? 1Jahoy Hoy
(Weid man)
September 7th
Arizona diamondbacks jd Martinez hits four hole runs in one game 6Weid MLB
(Jahoy Hoy)
September 5th
Mayweather v. McGregor 6Chain Chomp
(Dr. Doom)
August 27th
Julian Edelman out for the season with knee injury. 7Weid man
(white lancer)
August 26th
Manu giinobi re-signs with spurs for two year deal. 0Weid manu ginobili
August 25th

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