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Spirituality, Religion, Theology and Philosophy

All faiths & lack of faiths welcome.
All debate styles welcome.
WARNING: Posts may contain sensitive and controversial material.
Poll: Do we have free will? 11Louis De Ponte due Lac
Biblical definition of Love 0Kaot0
November 12th
Ask a Christian 49Kaot0
(Jet Presto)
November 11th
Izaya 5:20 8Kaot0
(Louis De Pointe du Lac)
November 11th
@GC/MS 1Helius
November 10th
Psalm 110 0Kaot0
November 8th
Is belief binary? 14OWA, who loves OWA OWA, who loves
November 5th
November 5th
Happy Reformation Day 4Bubba
(The Fly)
October 31st
Staying safe in the coming days 8Mastersheep
(What we do)
October 29th
You know what? I'm gonna concede something. 4Cupola
(The Fly)
October 17th
Heaven 35Cupola
October 16th
Edit 0KnokkelMillennium
October 9th
Taken from a post in the world forum connecting religion and politics
0Weid messiah
September 28th
The world ends today 16Mastersheep
September 23rd
Zodiac signs 57I killed Mufasa
September 7th
I don't think time travel paradoxes are possible 16Xhin
August 25th
Here's what we do 0What we do
July 30th
I have found faith (thanks, GC/MS) 43nullfather
July 18th
Are there any Christians in here who would like to join a Facebook group
chat with Brocken jr/querrymongwr, kern, doctor doom/black mantle, and
xhin, (also my mom)? I have my language controlled there
2weid messiah
(weid man)
July 13th

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