Arena Test I -- Dead, but being used to test things
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Science journals of interest: Scientific American - Nature - New Scientist - Science AAAS - Science Daily

LAST EDITED: March 17, 2015

Here are some interesting links I had stickied:
Yeano's thread: Proving Something is Independent of our Axioms.
Yeano's thread: Algebraic Topology and Model Theory

We have LaTeX running on GT! Thanks to Xhin!

LaTeX support added 52Xhin
March 17th, 2015
Science News Ticker 61The Fly
(The Fly)
July 20th, 2013
Simple Inequality With Complex Numbers 0The Fly
July 5th
Fish Riddle 9Ghowilo
(The Fly)
June 26th
Blackjack Dice Puzzle 16Xhin
(The Fly)
June 13th
Circles inside triangles 3The Fly
(The Fly)
June 12th
I'm not a doctor, I need some help swallowing my saliva because I can't control my drooling. The fly, black yoshi, everyone, can you please help me? 2weid man
(weid man)
June 9th
Couple of Putnam Exam Q's that Richard Feynman took in 1939 7The Fly
(The Fly)
May 22nd
VY Canis Majoris is big 5Louis De Pointe du Lac
(Chain Chomp)
March 9th
This is the Sun... 2Louis De Pointe du Lac
(Louis De Pointe du Lac)
March 2nd
Used my telescope to make a star palette 0Louis De Pointe du Lac
February 26th
Pictures of venus and dealing with glare problems 0Louis De Pointe du Lac
February 19th
Jupiter picture from my telescope 6Louis De Pointe du Lac
(Louis De Pointe du Lac)
February 17th
Time Crystals 24Ghowilo
February 7th
Is this a white dwaf? 0Louis De Pointe du Lac
January 28th
"The Holy Grail of high-pressure physics": Metallic hydrogen, once theory, becomes reality 5nullfather
(Louis De Pointe du Lac)
January 26th
I got in a Facebook argument and did some math 1Ghowilo
January 25th
(Louis De Pointe du Lac)
January 20th
World's worst video of venus 0Louis De Pointe du Lac
January 19th
So what WOULD you call solar panels in another star system? 5Louis De Pointe du Lac
January 16th

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