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Science News Ticker 61The Fly
January 1st, 1970
LaTeX support added 52Xhin
July 15th, 2016
Dice stats 3Ghowilo
Yesterday Evening
Polar Coordinates 1Xhin
Yesterday Evening
Hi I would like to know the age that girls and boys become physically
adults and finish growing in height?
31Canadians > British People
(Canadians > British People)
I cracked some codes 0EN
September 9th
Fruit Math 9Xhin
(Black Yoshi)
September 3rd
Parabolic Reflection 1The Fly
August 25th
Constructing an ellipse from a circle 13EN
August 22nd
Color vision in (your?) con-species 5chiarizio
August 3rd
Hi, I'm back! 15The Fly
July 27th
A simple complex number equation 6The Fly
January 1st, 1970
Extreme Real-Life Consanguinity Proscriptions, and theoretical discussion
following therefrom
July 5th
Rules against marrying affine relatives (relatives-in-law and
July 2nd
Social anthropology hypothesis 15chiarizio
June 29th
You are a prisoner. 80Xhin
June 24th
Highly habitable volumes of space in our galaxy? 0chiarizio
June 23rd
Prescriptive Marriage Systems, Classificatory Kinship Systems, and Group
May 30th
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May 26th
Could Raccoons Evolve Intelligence? 3chiarizio
May 18th

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