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The Pokémon Forum

Oh! But this isn't the end, my friend!

Wary of strong language? Hah! You better have BURN HEAL!

Moderated by The Tomboyish Mermaid: Pirate_Ninja
The real reason we put up with Ash/??? 0Kohlrak
November 5th
The new Pokemom Ultra Sun and Ultra moon trailer 3Dr.Dre
October 30th
Mewtwo 6Kohlrak
October 20th
Where is my Pokemon? 5Cetasaurus
October 16th
A Pokemon Dragonball z crossover 3Dr.Dre
October 14th
Imagine if Pokenon and beyblade collaborated together 8Dr.Dre
October 14th
marshadow is out 9Kohlrak
October 11th
Favorite Pokemon from each type and generation 3-Riku-
(white lancer)
October 8th
Who would win in a fight? 2Dr.Dre
October 3rd
Building a water tram to battle my friend 13-Riku-
September 20th
Favorite Eeveelution? 7Cetasaurus
(I killed Mufasa)
August 23rd
Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver 6Jubei
(Jahoy Hoy)
August 9th
I've had my covfefe now and I feel great! 0Kaot0
July 4th
Reason Ash is still 10 6Kaot0
July 4th
Original Pokemon Song 0Cyrus
May 22nd
Misty AVOIDING water in one episode? 5Aqua Flame
(Aqua Flame)
May 15th
help, pokemon addiction runs in my family 2notravenspirit
May 8th
Legendary Pokemon romhacker announces retirement. 0Wild Luxray
April 23rd
Elite 4 2Trencherman23
March 20th
Which is your preferred starter for each generation? 17Jahoy Hoy
February 20th

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