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If I'm wearing a bikini...where do I put my Pokeballs? Teehee...woman's secret!

Wary of strong language? Hah! You better have BURN HEAL!

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Building a water tram to battle my friend 1-Riku-
(I killed Mufasa)
This Afternoon
Favorite Eeveelution? 6Cetasaurus
August 23rd
Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver 3Jubei
(Weid man)
August 9th
I've had my covfefe now and I feel great! 0Kaot0
July 4th
Reason Ash is still 10 5Kaot0
July 4th
Original Pokemon Song 0Cyrus
May 22nd
Misty AVOIDING water in one episode? 5Aqua Flame
(Aqua Flame)
May 15th
help, pokemon addiction runs in my family 2notravenspirit
May 8th
Legendary Pokemon romhacker announces retirement. 0Wild Luxray
April 23rd
Elite 4 2Trencherman23
March 20th
Which is your preferred starter for each generation? 16Jahoy Hoy
February 20th
Can someone trade with me? I'd like to evolve my Haunter. 4Eagle0
February 18th
Generation 2 Released for Pokemon Go 1Jahoy Hoy
(Speed Bike Pro)
February 17th
I want G/S/C on the 3DS Virtual Console with R/B/Y and Pokemon Bank Functionality! 4Blake
(Shadow Sonday)
January 30th
I got Moon from my brother and just started it 16Speed Bike Pro
January 26th
My Incineroar... 0Wild Luxray
January 24th
Gotta say... 4Wild Luxray
January 10th
Starters/version exclusives exchange thread 21Cetasaurus
January 2nd
Mimikyu be all like— 2Kaot0
December 26th, 2016
pokérus hype thread mk.II 1Pirate_Ninja
(Axem Metal)
December 9th, 2016

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