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July 29th, 2016
Feeling super nostalgic... 0Weird Occurance
November 10th
Summer 2004-spring 2005 5GP-
(Weird Occurance)
October 15th
Is this the forum I should use :( idk 4Inferno35
(Weird Occurance)
October 5th
If you remember these ppl I commend you 14GP-
(Weird Occurance)
September 15th
Tha Llama, Devil Kiriko, PS one, etc... 2Son of Dante
(Tha Llama)
August 18th
RIP Weid Man 7Kirara1535(mist)
August 9th
When you remember people and RP from a decade and a half ago 0Onyx
July 29th
Well its 4am and I'm sorta nostalgic. I guess. 3Elite
June 19th
Looking for s/o that went by Weird Occurrence 9Falco_76
(Weird Occurance)
June 15th
What was that sister site to GT Mike was building? 29Brocken Jr.
(Weid man)
April 7th
Who remembers me? 29BlueCrystal
March 5th
Am I still banned? 1Monkey eater
March 1st
Anyone remember these names? 15Fato
(evil shadow)
February 26th
My very own new nostalgia post 4RiSSeN 
(Xhin )
February 13th
people used to show each other respect here 50Bloo Shoes
(Weird Occurance)
January 14th
Who else remembers Mike Pooler's Luna.org? 1Dark Muhammed -Hashish Smoker-
(Tha Llama)
January 10th
just remembered this place, and thought I'd check in. anyone still around? 31Chikorita Trainer
(Weid man)
January 6th
Another year, another bout of nostalgia 8AngelofSapphire
November 18th, 2018
Just spent a few hours browsing wayback machine, looking at who I used to
10little Link master
(El Chocco)
October 16th, 2018

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