NIFE Formats and my progress on them 2Xhin
June 28th
@chiefsonny 0Xhin
October 3rd
GTX0 Adventure - Design Thread
Secret Club
September 26th
@chiefsonny 3Xhin
September 24th
The state of the Game 1Xhin
September 23rd
About round 7 0Xhin
September 18th
NIFE: Superpowers Main Thread 29Xhin
September 2nd
Sign up for NIFE: Superpowers (game is actually done) 0Xhin
August 23rd
Space Wars 2Helius
August 3rd
Sign up for Kings & Pawns -- an actual NIFE game with the sparring system. 3Xhin
May 30th
The Maze (NIFE game idea I've been putting my efforts into) 2Xhin
May 17th
Braaaaaains revamped (another NIFE game idea) 3Xhin
May 16th
Space war (NIFE game idea) 3Xhin
May 11th

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