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Entertainment & Media

We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Netflix's The Hollow 0-Riku-
July 31st
The source of my avatar/a music video 2KnokkelMillennium
July 29th
Why do people like the song never gonna give you up and what’s so cool
about Rick rolling?
1weid man
(Axem Great Water)
July 21st
Watching Fate/Stay Night on Hulu 0-Riku-
July 16th
Need book recs: post-nuclear apocalypse setting 7Ceta
July 14th
Favorite superhero show? 6-Riku-
(Axem Great Water)
July 13th
Name a character in an anime that you despise with all your being 22-Riku-
July 10th
3 of favorite Harry Potter characters 14-Riku-
July 9th
Is anyone a RWBY fan? 4I killed Mufasa
July 7th
Brooklyn 99 8S.O.H.
July 6th
Another album I like has been deemed "controversial" by YouTube... 6Cruinn-Annuin
July 6th
Where do you guys watch Anime? 5Castrael
(Axem Great Water)
July 3rd
New Fate anime on Netflix 0-Riku-
July 1st
Favorite animated villains 5-Riku-
June 26th
Have any of you seen the anime Toradora? 1Cetasaurus
June 21st
Avatar the Last Airbender 23-Riku-
June 18th
Your Currents - Reading, Watching, etc 13Castrael
June 17th
Onepunch-Man: Garou is amazing 4nullfather
June 1st
Any Voice Actors interested in Audio projects? 2BraveNewDeafGirl
May 30th
Are we allowed to post promotions or gather volunteers for projects? 45BraveNewDeafGirl
May 29th

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