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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
The Magic School Bus Rides Again 0-Riku-
October 8th
Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer 4Jet Presto
(Count Dooku)
October 8th
New sonic movie coming out. 1Weid movie
(Jahoy Hoy)
October 3rd
Tom Petty Passes Away at 66 12Jahoy Hoy
(white lancer)
October 2nd
let's talk about "it" 8EN
October 1st
what are your favorite and least favorite key changes in songs? 2susurrous
September 26th
Who on the radio are you the most tired of hearing? 10Jahoy Hoy
September 22nd
Top 5 favorite shows 18-Riku-
September 20th
The Emmys 9Jet Presto
September 18th
Choose a grunge band 15R.L. Stine
(Jahoy Hoy)
September 16th
has a pig on tv 4poptart!
September 14th
Did anyone else watch The Orville last night? 4Q
September 11th
The Good Place 0mariomguy
September 8th
What shows are you looking forward to watching? 10-Riku-
September 8th
Describe your music taste with three tracks. 59nullfather
(Jahoy Hoy)
August 25th
Some paranormal/sci-fi/horror films that I need to watch. 2nullfather
(Jet Presto)
August 24th
Jerry Lewis dead at 91 1Aurelian
August 20th
Favorite Lyrics Thread 4nullfather
(Chain Chomp)
August 19th
Marvel's The Defenders 26s.o.h.
August 19th
Phonk Music 0Xhin
August 15th

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