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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Movies Watched 2020 80Jet Presto
January 5th
Books Read: 2019 11S.O.H.
June 7th, 2019
Pyrrhon might be the best modern death metal band in the world. 0Canary Yellow
Taylor Swift releases album 'Folklore' with distinct trad aesthetic; woke
Twits instantly call it racist
4Death Posture
July 25th
Music 18Party Smasher
July 9th
Transsexual identity and dishonesty 2Party Smasher
July 9th
Post your best video game youtube remix tracks 10I killed Mufasa
(I killed Mufasa)
July 2nd
New Music I Discovered -- "Synesthesia" by Porcupine Tree 4Laxan
June 29th
Avatar: The Legend of Korra 18Moonray
June 20th
Avatar: The Last Airbender 29Moonray
(Strange Brew)
June 9th
Tiger, Tiger webcomic by Petra Erika Nordlund 4chiarizio
June 6th
Geladaa (Pablo Rincon) - Yiffing in Hell (False + True Edition)
Ordering/Unboxing/Quality Review
0Organ Farmer
June 3rd
Hotel Artemis (and КОВФЕФЕ) 0chiarizio
May 31st
Music Trivia 0Gold Teeth
May 29th
Best TV Theme Song: Round 1 - Part 1 11Jet Presto
(Jet Presto)
May 29th
Gimme your favorite creepypasta. 1Aviatrix
(Grey Echelon)
May 23rd
Community and Cougar Town. 15tnu
May 20th
Songs That Convey A Deep Sense of Loss? 14Aviatrix
May 16th
Clone Wars season 7 has ended. Here are my thoughts (SPOILERS) 10-Riku-
(I killed Mufasa)
May 7th
Top 10 albums of the decade? 0All At Once
May 4th

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