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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Movies Watched 2020 83Jet Presto
(Post-Wall Olga)
Books Read: 2019 11S.O.H.
April 15th
Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish! 3Axem Great Water
(Axem Great Water)
Music 19Party Smasher
what song is stuck in your head or what song are you listening to 8do lives matter
September 14th
Character Driven vs. Plot driven. 23tnu
September 14th
Movie Night Poll 6Aviatrix
September 13th
Serbian “Red Rubber Ball” from “Edit and I” 2chiarizio
September 12th
Songs That Convey A Deep Sense of Loss? 23Aviatrix
(Weird Occurance)
September 10th
Community Movie Night 24Aviatrix
September 10th
Mr. Bungle reunites after 20 years, collaborates with members of Anthrax
and Slayer to release thrash metal album on Halloween
0Canary Yellow
September 2nd
Chadwick Boseman passes away at age 43. 7Jet Presto
(Post-Wall Olga)
August 29th
Taylor Swift releases album 'Folklore' with distinct trad aesthetic; woke
Twits instantly call it racist
7Death Posture
(Canary Yellow)
August 29th
Pyrrhon might be the best modern death metal band in the world. 0Canary Yellow
August 9th
Post your best video game youtube remix tracks 10I killed Mufasa
(I killed Mufasa)
July 15th
Transsexual identity and dishonesty 2Party Smasher
July 9th
New Music I Discovered -- "Synesthesia" by Porcupine Tree 4Laxan
July 6th
Comfy YouTubers 196ujujmie6kier
July 5th
Avatar: The Legend of Korra 18Moonray
June 29th
Best TV Theme Song: Round 1 - Part 1 11Jet Presto
(Jet Presto)
June 22nd

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