Entertainment & Media

We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Movies Watched 2020 30Jet Presto
(Jet Presto)
Books Read: 2019 8S.O.H.
(Post-Wall Olga)
November 6th, 2019
Industrial Folk / Folk Punk 0Cetasaurus
Metal music is 50 years old. 29x19
(And the band played on)
March 22nd
Comfy YouTubers 06ujujmie6kier
March 22nd
Country music icon, Kenny Rogers, dead at 81 1Aurelian
(And the band played on)
March 21st
Muy-Pahts or Mu-Pets 10chiarizio
March 14th
"La Fuga", Nero di Marte 0yfhut
March 10th
A poem that puzzles me 6chiarizio
March 4th
Travelers 1chiarizio
February 26th
Errementari (the Blacksmith and the Devil) 1chiarizio
February 26th
Johnny Depp visiting patients as Jack Sparrow 9Jubei
(Post-Wall Olga)
February 17th
Just watched Blade Runner 2049 for the third time 39x19
February 15th
What is your least favorite episode of your favorite show? 5Ceta
February 12th
Kesha ordered to pay Dr Luke in defamatory lawsuit 4Post-Wall Olga
February 8th
RWBY questions. 9chiarizio
February 7th
Our cultural practice of altruistic technical critique has made poison the
wellspring of honest emotional description.
February 5th
New Music I Discovered -- "Put Your Money on Me" by Arcade Fire 7Laxan
February 4th
What's your favorite story/book in 3rd-person omniscient 12Cetasaurus
February 2nd
Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 Thoughts 41Laxan
(white lancer)
January 31st

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