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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.
IRL is nuts again 1Xhin
(Axem Great Water)
May 8th
Yeah, so I probably am pushign people away 3tnu
May 7th
i need to get stronger so i can hold more cats! 0Susurrous
May 7th
Oh boy 2nullfather
(Black Yoshi)
May 5th
Coalition of Counterterrorism – Mission 1
Secret Club
May 3rd
coalition of insurgency - phase 1
Secret Club
May 2nd
citizens of gtx0... 8susurrous_banned
May 2nd
Feeling that "spark"? 3Cyrus
May 1st
new leaves look so green 3susurrous
April 29th
What do you hate about the place you live in? 22Agis
April 28th
it’s good to see youre back knokkkelmillenium :) 5susurrous
April 27th
I don’t get it who are all of these new names here who I don’t even
recall from a few years ago? And where are of the old people?
9Weid man
(Fox Forever)
April 25th
idle neurotic post from me so sorry 34susurrous
April 24th
How come nearly everyone has wrinkles by the time they're 30? 10Intrigued_Man
April 22nd
i have two questions 7susurrous
April 22nd
well, I suppose that settles it 42Pirate_Ninja
April 22nd
So, Xhin update, probably GTX0 update, other stuff 11Xhin
April 21st
Is anyone gonna plan a gametalk road trip? 3Weid man
April 21st
@ anyone really into hard ciders 6Kassie The Eevee
(Weid man)
April 20th
Hi has anyone here heard of an abdominal hematoma? 16Intrigued_Man
April 20th

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