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Real Life

Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.
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Hi recently I have had surgery and have had to have a stoma bag fitted for the next 3 to 4 months. 8Anonymous British Man
(weid man)
May 24th
For like a 3rd time ban me pls 24KnokkelMillennium
(Jet Presto)
May 23rd
Be mindful of your good health 7Vandy
May 22nd
My vacation last week 11Castrael
May 22nd
Ramadan 33Agis in the US
(Agis in the US)
May 21st
Abandonment or death 22I killed Mufasa
(Pink Peruvian Flying Bear)
May 21st
Congratulations to MSS 1Aurelian
(weid man)
May 20th
Ketosis hunger vs high-carb hunger 7Xhin
May 18th
reminiscing is weird 9notravenspirit
May 10th
Hi my doctor said that it is impossible for anyone to grow after they turn 16 1216 year old British Person
May 10th
not every dude is a narcissist 19notravenspirit
May 8th
I graduate today 19Ghowilo
May 6th
All my life I have been wondering about something. I have a question to ask you all..... 5Robert Returns
May 4th
Please help 8Jason and Old Timer of gametalk
(Jason and Old Timer of gametalk)
May 3rd
Why are we such an insane species? 56I killed Mufasa
(I killed Mufasa)
May 3rd
happy birthday Ophelia and KnokkelMillennium! 3Susurrous
April 27th
happy birthday Cetasaurus! 4Susurrous
April 25th
Grad School Check-in 7Helius
April 24th
"Happy Easter from your local Illuminati!" (Help me solve a mystery!) 14Cetasaurus
April 16th
I feel like such a sh***y person 7Ghowilo
(Agis in the US)
April 15th

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