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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.
Jahoy hot pleae tell speed that there is news about the new metal far
solid game.
7Weid metal gear aolid
(Weid man)
October 31st
halloween! 16susurrous
(Fox Forever)
October 31st
Suggestions for Austin, Texas? 4Agis
October 31st
The "M" Word 5JIALOM
(Black Yoshi)
October 31st
Jahoy hoy can you please message speed and ask him what he thinks about
the new cfb playoff rankings and why is Ucf ranked 12 (LSU jumped to 3
even though they have 1 loss but notre dame has 0)
3Weid man
(Weid man)
October 30th
What is the best religion and why? 5Confused_Religious_Man
(Louis De Pointe du Lac)
October 29th
@chiefsonny 12s.o.h.
October 28th
PN, I cannot.... 1Swaggy C
October 28th
Pirate Ninja, wanna bral? LETSGETATEAMBATTLEGOIN 1Swaggy C
October 27th
What does everyone do for a living? Why? What do you want to do? (The job
October 25th
Should alcohol be made illegal worldwide? 16Confused_Religious_Man
(Fox Forever)
October 24th
Jahoy hoy, Fox, pirate, and xhin I actually remember now the reason that
kassie the eevee blocked me on Facebook four years ago was because I added
her to a Facebook group chat without her permission
4Weid man
(Weid man)
October 23rd
Swaggy, pirate ninja, what is the new xat URL? I promise to behave, even
if they din’t want me there. Don’t deprive me plesse. I want to play
smash ultimate with you all.
37Weid mak
(Weid man)
October 22nd
I am down to only 101 pounds now, how do I regain my strength? 19Weight man
October 21st
Pirate Ninja, is the FE clam still accepting members? 2Swaggy C
(Weid man)
October 21st
33 year old man fined £400 for slapping a 16 year old girl's bum 10Confused_Religious_Man
(Fox Forever)
October 20th
Life's full of Little Decisions 9chiefsonny
October 20th
Ninja Pirate 7Swaggy C
(Weid man)
October 19th
Man aged 30 died from binge drinking 28Confused_Religious_Man
October 18th
Okay I am better 5I killed Mufasa
(Cecil The Insensitive Incel)
October 17th

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