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GTX0 Picture Thread (2018 XL Edition) 54Fox Forever
January 9th
Who are you? 70Axem Metal
(Plasmid Snake)
April 12th, 2016
What are y'all doing for St. Patrick's Day? 3nullfather
This Afternoon
Why Heroin? 9Famov
LOL 2I killed Mufasa
(I killed Mufasa)
So this is a thing that happened to me recently 2-Riku-
I cut off the tip of ym humb 44nullfather
(Weid man)
March 5th
Should I go to my ten year high school reunion this year assuming that
they have one planned?
0Weid man
March 5th
My love life is fail 3Sergeant Red Pepper
March 5th
Sometimes I wonder why *I even bother talking to people. 21tnu
March 4th
Spring Semester Classes? 7Agis
March 2nd
happy birthday EN! 8susurrous
February 28th
First day at my new job (also first time doing a 12-hour shift ever) 9Xhin
February 26th
Instagram account disabled and deleted 11-Riku-
(Brocken Jr.)
February 23rd
Does anyone here still or at least knows how to contact the user
majoaramas9? If yes can you please send him a message and ask him to send
me a message? We haven’t talked to each other for 4 years n
0Weid man
February 21st
happy birthday Brandy :) 8susurrous
February 20th
@nullfather: avatar 3#85
February 19th
IRL is total insanity 0Xhin
February 16th
Xhin IRL update 2Xhin
February 13th
happy birthday Smiling Apple! 3susurrous
February 10th

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