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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.
Fitness Club Thread #1: "Do You Even Lift" Edition 75Cruinn-Annuin
July 6th
GTX0 Picture Thread (2018 XL Edition) 61Fox Forever
(Joey Fatone)
January 9th
Who are you? 70Axem Metal
(Plasmid Snake)
April 12th, 2016
Okay I am better 4I killed Mufasa
Yesterday Afternoon
Jahoy hoyi apologize for trolling on discord acting like how the xat does.
Seriously I’m done being this way since it’s not appropiare saying
these things away from the xat
0Weid man
Yesterday Morning
Psst...mariomguy 3Kaot0
Very Early Yesterday
The man in this video are saying most women are liars 1Confused_Religious_Man
Psst...Weid Man 1Kaot0
(weid man)
Hi. 14Eagle0
(Weid man)
Pirate Ninja! 12Swaggy C
(Weid man)
Jahoty hoy I am invited to go to Jessica and julie’s weddings next year
since they are both getting married to their boyfriends in May. Are you
getting married to your fiancé next year?
4Wedding man
Priate Ninj0r 3Swaggy C
(Weid man)
Speed bike pro, are you and your family and friends safe from hurricane
michael i hope? It hit both Tallahassee and Norfolk hard especially
Tallahassee as a category 4 hurricane
0Weather man
How often do you all binge drink? 2Confused_Religious_Man
(Fox Forever)
Pirate ninja what happened to the xat? Does it exist anymore? 12Weid man
October 11th
Rare Gametalk mention in the wild 9Vandy
(Weid man)
October 8th
Happy Birthday to weid man! 4Fox Forever
October 8th
Patricia Nunoz 1S.O.H.
October 7th
Patricia Nincada 1Swaggy C
October 7th
Prostate Greninja 1Swaggy C
October 6th

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