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KH 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage thoughts and new KH 3 trailer 8-Riku-
July 15th
FFX prequel ideas 9-Riku-
(Pink Peruvian Flying Bear)
July 14th
The Creator of Final Fantasy States the Truth 13Laxan
July 12th
Let's talk about FFVIII 38Angemon
(I killed Mufasa)
July 9th
Any old timer from the original Game Talk here? 10Angemon
July 9th
Things you'd want to see in kh3 14-Riku-
(Trever Leingod)
June 29th
Wisdom Form in kh2 8-Riku-
(Trever Leingod)
June 23rd
Favorite spin-off? 3-Riku-
(Locke Bellemir)
June 12th
Rank Your Favorite Final Fantasy by Category 18I killed Mufasa
June 1st
Persona 3: The Movie 1Jo Nathan
May 25th
Persona 5 thoughts 13Jo Nathan
(Jo Nathan)
May 1st
Persona 5 English Trailer 4Laxan
March 8th
The Problem With Kingdom Hearts 7Laxan
(Jet Presto)
February 6th
Final Fantasy XV Review With Trever Leingod (NO SPOILERS) 14Laxan
February 6th
Anyone playing any classic FF games atm? 13-Riku-
January 23rd
FF7 question 2CeciL
January 15th
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Reveal Trailer 2Laxan
(Pink Peruvian Flying Bear)
January 13th
Final Fantasy XV Deleted Content & Why We Are Angry 2Trever Leingod
(Trever Leingod)
January 3rd
Final Fantasy X Challenge 0Red Leaf
December 22nd, 2016
Final Fantasy XV Review (contains spoilers in the plot section) with Laxan 17Trever Leingod
December 15th, 2016

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