ITT: We give other GTX0 users clever nicknamesHappy 8th birthday, GTX0NIFE Superpowers: Round 8 has begun


Feed the bananas to the hungry Xhin.
Xhin is listening.
18I killed Mufasa
August 8th
Ready to take my licks. 3I killed Mufasa
August 6th
Make it so that I actually stay logged in for more than one minute.
August 1st
@Chiefsonny 11KnokkelMillennium
July 30th
So uh I think someone is using mariomguy's account 31KnokkelMillennium
July 27th
Ruling on if "trannie" is a slur or not 87#85
(I killed Mufasa)
July 26th
WHERE ARE GHOWILO'S POSTS!? 14KnokkelMillennium
July 26th
Feature Request - Mod Forum Transparancy 20Ghowilo
July 18th
Why was my post tagged? 11Ghowilo
July 17th
Audio ads 13Ghowilo
June 12th
ads are lagging the site badly today 1Vandy
June 12th
So why was my ban only a username ban and why has the reason changed to 8KnucklesMK2
June 5th
So I have a little dirt on Xhin 26KillerKhan
June 2nd
Xhin 0KillerKhan
May 28th
Security Vulnerability 6Ghowilo
May 25th
Not Ghowilo 10Ghowilo
May 20th
Constant communication with outside servers on this website 2Ghowilo
May 15th
Stream feature appears broken 5Ghowilo
May 4th
can't seem to register an account 0nilschaox_XV
May 3rd
Do people still like or care about me? 4MarvaIo
May 3rd

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