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Feed the back.
Xhin is listening.
Why was my post tagged for asking a valid question and again why did this
guy either have my name in thread views or none at all
September 24th
Can't post any replies 2The Bandit
September 22nd
Been having issues editing posts 2I killed Mufasa
September 22nd
I'm seeing parse errors that are preventing me from viewing at least 2
September 21st
"Save Thread/Post" feature
September 21st
Some of the little images on this site have terrible resolution 12I killed Mufasa
September 21st
Requesting a feature 3I killed Mufasa
(I killed Mufasa)
September 10th
@Xhin: 14KnokkelMillennium
September 6th
@Xhin: 2Moonray
September 6th
Is this #85 with a vpn like he said? 3KnokkelMillennium
September 5th
. 14KnokkelMillennium
September 4th
So I saw this by checking the people tab, I guess mods are aware of edits
or something because a mod was checking this thread
September 4th
Ah what a lovely site where people are accused of saying dumbf*ck things,
told to die several times over, mock people for being whiny, call people
honoring a dead man disgusting all within a few days
August 27th
How long are we keeping up this charade? 16MarvaIo
August 20th
Can I get my name back please? 18Jet Presto
August 14th
I can't post whilst logged in 3Arch
August 13th
@Xhin/more on the hate speech issue 19KnokkelMillennium
August 11th
Seriously though what is with this site right now? (particularly wondering
about what happens when I try to open Brandy's fire emblem ad thread in a
new tab)
August 9th
Fire emblem ad 8Brandy
August 9th
Someone who isn't a staff was logged in as a staff 10KnokkelMillennium
August 7th

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