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Dueling Cards

For all your trading card game (TCG) needs.

Forum image and upcoming events 32DragonintheShadow
June 12th, 2012
Tips for newbies? 1DMS
November 5th
I've gotten into Magic: The Gathering 8nullfather
July 24th
Does any one here play the MLP CCG. 0Jason an old timer gamestalker
May 12th
Hey I have a lucrative proposition for someone on here with money. 4I killed Mufasa
(I killed Mufasa)
May 8th
Happy Monday y'all. 1acroyear
April 17th
Miss this place. 3Katniss_girl_on_fire
(I killed Mufasa)
March 27th
No good MTG games for android or Playstation 1-Riku-
July 26th, 2016
The Mysterious DuelingBook: Scam? Or Dueling Network 2.0? 0Recalescence
July 18th, 2016
Full Eldritch Moon (MTG) spoilers came out this week 1Shotgunnova
July 10th, 2016
RIP Dueling Network :'( 4Katniss_girl_on_fire
July 7th, 2016
heh so I just bought a deck 12Furtive
March 25th, 2016
poopycakes 0purchasedate
December 10th, 2015
any one want to duel via battle network? 1Furtive
August 30th, 2015
Zefra-Hero 4Katniss_girl_on_fire
August 30th, 2015
making a custom duel disk 1Katniss_girl_on_fire
August 3rd, 2015
Playing the game again (crappy real life deck) 1Neil Perry
(Recalescent Ghost)
June 7th, 2015
After this post there are no more 2013 posts on the first page! 2-kyuubi-
May 30th, 2015
Traditional Format Duel on YVD 4RARE HUNTER X
January 6th, 2015
Copy Knight Confusion!! 6Reminising Gamer
(Trever Leingod)
September 16th, 2014

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