Interview I just had with Mike Pooler 64Xhin
May 21st, 2012
Old quicklinks are gone completely now, site feed changes 22Xhin
(The Bandit)
November 12th
Can now unsign the world forum disclaimer; disclaimer system applies to
feedback, other changes
November 11th
Happy decade, GTX0 16Xhin
September 25th
Miscellaneous Updates 8Xhin
September 11th
Tinypic is shutting down 12Xhin
September 10th
Post Pagination v2, also turned on by default 6Xhin
(Trever Leingod)
September 9th
Smart quoting less annoying, but still has auto-quoting if you want it. 6Xhin
September 8th
Smart Quoting Feature 23Xhin
August 29th
Post Icons Fixed 1Xhin
August 10th
Credits (bottom of the site) altered 14Xhin
August 8th
Bug fixing extravaganza post 36Xhin
(Jet Presto)
July 24th
Site fixed again (again (again)) except yeah there's still bugs 34Xhin
July 23rd
Everything fixed again 15Xhin
July 18th
Reporting a post now requires a reason, lets you put in additional
comments, also changes for mods
July 17th
GTX0 has an SSL Certificate now (it's also https) 2Xhin
July 7th
We'rrrrrrre *ACTUALLY* baaaaack! 11Xhin
(Fox Forever)
July 7th
Why is there a Marvalo Forum? 6chiarizio
May 21st
Clearing my alerts inbox,
(El Chocco)
May 15th
Percent sign bug on editing posts fixed 7Xhin
May 14th

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