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Interview I just had with Mike Pooler 64Xhin
July 19th, 2018
Why is there a Marvalo Forum? 5chiarizio
1 Hour ago
Percent sign bug on editing posts fixed 7Xhin
Clearing my alerts inbox,
(El Chocco)
Journal Forum 4Xhin
May 10th
"Filter" renamed to "Search" (with a magnifying lens) 4Xhin
April 11th
"Only these forums" and "Ignore these forums" updated to the actual
April 10th
Block feature blocks replies to threads now, optionally 2Xhin
(I killed Mufasa)
April 8th
The inline [size] tag for font sizing 34Xhin
March 31st
@xhin please make jahoy hoy or jet presto the mod of the sports forum
because they know sports so perfectly ama are active there and are not
annoying like I am.
1Weid mod
March 26th
I think I found our next website absorption target 0Xhin
March 18th
Post Pagination 3Xhin
February 28th
Double/triple/whatever posting is now impossible 7Xhin
(I killed Mufasa)
February 27th
Pop your message & Quote feature 8Xhin
February 25th
All forum indexes switched to hottest (with indicators); a setting to
revert this or make it replies
February 22nd
"My Active" Forum Feed type and Newest Posts link 4Xhin
February 22nd
Draft Saving feature 2Xhin
February 18th
Site forums integrated better with the site + other upgrades 0Xhin
February 18th
Replies you make get saved in case something goes wrong (wrong password or
February 17th
Personal Wikis Feature v0 1Xhin
February 16th

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