NIFE: Superpowers Round 6!What does your username mean? How do you pronounce it? Why did you choose it?

Interview I just had with Mike Pooler 63Xhin
May 21st, 2012
Mafia Championship Season 4: You're Invited! 3MrThingyman
April 14th
Gametalk Story 9It's a go
July 24th, 2013
GTX0 Wiki? 4cheeseonanoodlemcbob
March 10th, 2010
GTX0 turns 8 in a few days (September 25th) 14Xhin
(Jahoy Hoy)
September 13th
New alerts system 16Xhin
September 12th
So what is NIFE anyway? 0Xhin
September 7th
Update on NIFE: Superpowers 4Xhin
August 30th
User Stats 13Xhin
August 24th
Xhin is back 8Xhin
August 21st
Quicklinks: option for the old way 4Xhin
August 13th
Quicklinks altered; Favorite forums feature 14Xhin
August 13th
Filter users from threads temporarily 4Xhin
August 10th
User Block Feature 70Xhin
August 9th
Site Rules Updated 1Xhin
August 2nd
Account Sessions now adjust for dynamic IP's. 29Xhin
August 1st
Registration no longer requires email activation, captcha is basic math, other upgrades; login also revamped 1Xhin
August 1st
Inform box 0Xhin
July 20th
Complaints posts are auto-tagged 2Xhin
April 27th
Engine error messages are handled better 0Xhin
April 2nd

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